.can’t get to sleep.

ahh, drank too much frappuccino so im wide awake now at freaking 3.10am !!! … can’t get to sleep whereas baby is sleeping so soundly beside me now. and when he’s asleep… it’s amazingly difficult to get him awake. hrmph. darn, i knew that i shouldnt have drank it lah… so, just decided to type this useless entry for fun. so retarded … i need to get my sleep man!
the sable boy is taken already but it’s alright as we’ll be getting a super tame and chubby silver grey girl soon 🙂

dorothy: i’ll email u the details about the hamsters. pretty sure u will fall in love with them. i did 🙂


2 responses to “.can’t get to sleep.

  1. haha. it’s so true lol. :p
    dare to say no? haha

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