.pampering treats.

It’s been one stressful week…
Hence, it’s time for some self-loving and pampering treats.
supposed to do my virgin b-wax as a mystery shopper (free!!!)
but alas, sister ginnie did it instead 🙂
thanks to corde for the deal.


some girly time together!!!


cheap thrill purchase of the day …
Apple pendant with a fake diamond stud from DIVA at only $2.50!


And my skin’s getting more clogged up these days…
that means it’s time for facial too…
did the back treatment as well  cz my back’s getting more pimples 😦
skin feeling so fresh and rejuvenated now 🙂


And finally, the event of the week ….


As expected, super crowded and packed…
Tons of pretty showgirls- im sure Mr. MK was pretty happy with that 🙂
Couldn’t help but to sneak in shots with Corde, Vivienne and Peggy.


SONY sure does know how to lead the crowd with its massive exhibition.
plus an IT show with models modelling the different products made available lol.
i thought it only exists in Fashion Catwalk shows lol.


Saw the much-raved and hyped about MAC AIR
World’s slimmest laptop at only 0.76 inches.
Gosh, it’s only around 0.2-0.3 inches thicker than my current N70 …
what the heck?

Here’s the beauty


My newly-purchase gadget 🙂


.Sony Vaio VGN CR35G.
yes, im a sucker for its pretty red colour but it has good general features alright.

Ending the day at Ministry Of Food…
the salad’s a rip-off. but the dessert is heavenly.
im gonna be back again for its delicious and wide range of desserts.


Tmr is going to be yet another beautiful day with you.


2 responses to “.pampering treats.

  1. nice? where u did ya facial?

  2. hi! 🙂 oh no, the pics are not from my facial place lol. but anyways, i do mine at a home-based salon at bishan. if u are a student, she charges only $15 for a normal facial. no frills but i would say it’s worth it for the money paid lol 🙂

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