.1st March 2008.

baby, happy 2nd month 🙂

Like we’ve mentioned to each other a thousand and one times before – how our love journey first begins still amazes us both tremendously. we could never ever get bored of talking about the same topic over and over again lol. Who would have ever thought that you + me would eventually end up together? It’s all such an ironic twist of fate that turns out to be unexpectedly beautiful 🙂

Sure, it’s only been 2 months, a really short period of time as many would say.
As some might say, “still the honeymoon period”….
And we both know that anything could happen… there’s still bound to be many challenges and obstacles that we would have to face in the near future.
But for now, who are they to judge us when they are not in our positions?
Sometimes, all it takes is just that special connection you have with the other party…

You are the first and last person I think of, with each passing day.
The ONLY one who could inspire a technology-idiot like me to actually start up a blog (when i always say i wouldn’t) just so that I can document our journey together.
The one who always makes me look forward to weekends as I know, those would be the days whereby I get to see you and spend precious time with you.
The one who makes me want to become a better person in general, not just to you but to those whom i so dearly love.

it feels so wonderful to be here with you.
You make it all worthwhile.


1 of our favourite song:

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