.food for thought.


It seems almost inevitable that when we are young, our ambitions and expectations of how we should lead our lives rages … Very often, the burden of such harsh expectations swamp our minds and lives to a huge extent.
We often feel that if  our lives are not kept wildly occupied most of the time, this would thus indicate that life seems unfulfilled and that we are not living life to the fullest of our abilities. As such, the simple things in life are often not appreciated – people usually look for the glitz and glamour of life … not wanting to be just another ordinary, average Jane or Tom; in other words, we desire to be so much more. To be successful in our own means – whether it’s career-wise, financial matters, artistic talents or obtaining a certain level of social status. In the pursuit of such accomplishments, some sacrifices have to be made – and in most instances, family bonds … friendships …. and relationships with others are the first to go. All of which, in my opinion, are the fundamental and essential factors of a meaningful life. Sure, everyone wants to accomplish major feats in their lives – who doesn’t? – but we should not forget the simplest things in life which could also be the most beautiful.

“When we get too caught up in the business of the world we lose connection with one another- and ourselves. ”
   – Kornfield, Jack –


That’s for now.


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  1. i like the way u do ur hair! nicey! how i wish mine will grow faster!

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