.the other love in my life.

Just cannot seem to take my eyes off Dustball these days….
reserving most of my evenings exclusively for her now. love.
she might seem really tiny but hell, she’s actually one mighty girl-


climbing ‘monkeybars’ on her 4s around the cage,
eating sweet peas and other seeds from my palm,
peeing at just one corner of the cage – yes, that’s her exclusive peeing corner… Neat!
she even jumps onto my palm whenever i place my hand into the cage – now tell me, how many hamsters would do just that?


and I know… Mr. MK is jealous because he isn’t here to witness all the cute antics of Dustball lol.

On a sidenote, just decided to post a video of baby flairing…
that video was taken ages ago when he was still a bartender.
he says it’s super mediocre and average (maybe?)
but to a flairing idiot like me, I think it’s impressive. That’s something that i can NEVER do (for now). lol.

.counting down to 1st february.



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