pic credit to quixotic_inc  🙂

“symbolic of love, friendship, sincerity and happiness.
1971 Fran-Mar”

my collection – on my way to collecting the final 2 🙂 pic-with-vivian.jpg

vivian just sent me the pic we took at MOS –
3 pretty and hot babes, ya i know.
I know this sounds bimbotic but I really love their silky tresses…
would take me hell long to even get to close to that length and my previous
hair extensions made my natural hair so entangled that it scared the crap out of me.

schoolwork is piling. lots of deadlines for projects and assignments.
and yet all i can do is to procrastinate 24/7.
cant seem to be able to concentrate on mugging or anything related to studies for that matter.
feeling the intense stress – all i want is for holidays to come.
ONLY baby knows why im especially looking forward to MAY 🙂


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