Time for Partings.


everyone’s leaving for australia. it’ll only be a year later before i get to see them again 😦
im never exactly one who likes partings and farewells.



first and foremost. farewell to javier and lawrence.
in fact, it’s been quite some time since i last met up with my cj friends….
a good time indeed to do some catching up of the new times.
outings without javier would never be quite the same again …. going to miss all the humour that he brings to the group.





Next up, farewell dinner for Shuling at Shokudu Japanese Food Bazaar.
There’s never a dull moment with these girls. Always fun and laughter.
Being Spontaneous is the Key.
There wouldnt be any fun without the company of these girlfriends.
MORE gatherings to come ….


Finally! DAN.
It’s ironic how our friendship has developed over-time.
And dare I say that we’ve grown much closer since he returned from Australia.
Alas, good moments never last…
Waiting for your return at yr end.

Come August, it’s my turn to bid farewell.


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