.valentine’s day.

valentine’s day.

olivia and I  have come a long way back, since first 3mths back in JC.
and now, we’re celebrating our fourth valentine’s day in a row….
2005. 2006. 2007. 2008.

and i know for certain, many more vday dates together ….
It’s certain – my vdays belong to only Olivia. unless she decides to ditch me for her bf one day.

had our cosy little celebration at tea cozy. love the concept of tea cozy – a little cafe inside a unique antique shop. and it holds special memories too…. afterall, MK brought me there for our first date.

and of course, with some time to spare in the ladies, we both couldnt help but to spend a little time doing a little of snapping here and there. i think those who had visited the ladies at that time would inevitably think of us both as some air-headed bimbos who adore cam-whoring lol.


and i love oli’s camera- takes much nicer quality close-up shots. the pics look almost as if they were photoshopped though they werent. most pple would say that they don’t look as good in pics as compared to real-life but oli’s camera just does miracles. im jealous.

and forgot to add,
it’s so sweet of olivia – she got me this lovely cupcake for vday!
couldnt even bear to eat this, looks too pretty to be eaten. lol.


speaking of cupcakes and valentine’s day ….
im such a sucker for being a hopeless romantic …. decided to ditch all ideas of getting expansive and over-priced stuff for MK and eventually, settled into making him a handmade card and custom designed cupcakes specially for him.
Unfortunately, im no baker so had to rope in the help of professionals to bake and decorate the cupcakes. 🙂

check out www.cupcakedivinity.blogspot.com


If you are wondering, baby has in store his own set of surprises for me.

And post-vday date …
bumming our arse at siloso beach.
we both reckon that a laid-back beach lifestyle is what we both desire to have. .for now.


and me being such a sucker for flowers, i insisted on going for the

at the
“TREES OF LIFE” where MK and i wrote our wishes on a leaf and being the shortie that i am, i let him do the honours of hanging the leaf onto the tree branch.
afterall, he’s 1.8m … should be an easy task for him.


Yesterday was all about LOVE.



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